We are a non-denominational church that affirms the historic Apostles’ and Nicene Creed. We affiliate with a movement called the Church of God (Anderson) and embrace their Statement of Belief. We are partnered with McDowell Mountain Community Church in Scottsdale, Desert City Church in Phoenix, and Valley Community Church of God where we hold our services. We also have accountability with the Arizona Association of the Church of God.


The Bible says that the church is the vehicle God has chosen to display His love and bring about restoration to this broken world. Its people, its life, its culture, its service and its sacrifice are telling a story about the God we serve. Therefore, our church doesn't just exist for itself, it exists to show the rest of the world who God really is.

As a church, we seek to do the following movements on a weekly basis:




    First, we seek to gather together as a community to be in relationship with one another.  We want our church to be a place where we can know others and be known by others.  We want our church to be family.  Because of this, we gather so that we can continually be formed into a body of people who are living not on their own, but in community.

    Second, we seek to turn our hearts and minds towards Jesus.  We know that there are so many things vying for our attention on a daily basis.  At Arcadia City Church we seek to create a space where we can remove distractions and turn back to the God who is pursuing us, and we do so through worship and teaching on Sunday evenings and weekly gatherings such as Bible studies or community groups.

    Lastly, we seek to love others with no stings attached.  We believe that the church is not called to be a place, but rather a body of believers mobilize and empowered to transform communities and cities for the kingdom of God. We recognize that God has placed within each of us gifts, passions, and abilities to build the church and bring the kingdom. We want to help individuals realize their gifts and empower them to use them in their arenas of influence.

    We would love to help you find your place, activate your gifts, and see the vision of your life released. We are glad you’ve come to visit and want to serve you in any way we can. Please contact us with any questions or to get connected to our community.